Get Involved raises dollars to help financially-stretched individuals and couples afford the high cost of adoption. Simply put, we raise funds to build families ... one adoption at a time.

How can you help?

  • With a tax-deductible cash, check, or credit card donation that goes directly toward our grant-making program. Just $20 will make a tremendous difference!
  • By attending or sponsoring one of our New York or Philadelphia fund raising events.
  • By purchasing a finely-crafted, signature bracelet or necklace.
  • By designating as your charity of choice when purchasing theater tickets through Givenik, shopping with Charity Blast, or searching the Internet through GoodSearch.

You may not know any of our grant recipients personally but, as a contributor to, you will always have a special place in their hearts:

" helped us to make our dream come true! Thanks to your grant, we are now parents to a beautiful baby girl! She is everything we had ever hoped and prayed for. It is pretty incredible to realize that someone you don't even know cared enough to help us become a family. We will forever be thankful to you for the grant we received." gratefully acknowledges our 2012 Annual Fund donors:

This is our special thanks to those caring companies, families, and individuals who donate to's Annual Fund. We also want to thank all of the sponsors of events and supporters who purchased jewelry, totes, or attended events from the bottom of our hearts as well. Know that you are all making a difference.

$10,000 and above

Kipp and Becky Fawcett
Jane and Robert McNeil, The Lily Foundation
Laura and Anthony Klarman
Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton

Ann and Martin Snyder
Karin Taylor and Bill Weisberg
The Herbert Bearman Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Julie Cohen and Matt Pittinsky
Leibowitz and Greenway Family Foundation
Pfizer Matching Gifts
Martha and John Odle
Glenn Hill and Peter Rider
Lisa and Keith Lavitt
Connie and Sankey Williams

$1,000 - $4,999

Clarke and Lisa Adams
Sarah-Marie Martin and Nick Brophy
Janice Spector and George Buchalter
Maria and John Buhl
Paul Carter
Vicki and David Craver
Connie Demkowicz
Elizabeth Eielson
Martha and Frederick Fawcett
PNC Foundation
The Beneficial Foundation
Johnny Cooper and Mike Harnicar
Teryvette Ibanez
Lara Zibners Lohr and Gernot Lohr
Bonnie and Peter McCausland
Sandy and James Merli
Stephanie and Paul Merrifield
Martha Morse
Annamaria Vitelli and Greg Myers
Cindi and Greg Odle
Carol Parnell
Liad and David Pernock
Jeremy Sample
Christine and Mark Turner
United Way
Alicia Weber
Mow Wong and Chris Kofol
Janine and Jeff Yass

$500 - $999
Daniel Ballen
Anna Eriksson and Mason Bendewald
Lauren Moskowitz and Matthew Choate
Denise Cox
Heidi Gluck and Marcus Dougherty
Patricia and Ronald Epps
Shelley and Scot Fisher
The Fort Group Inc.
Joyce and Allan Goldberg
Anne Cralle and David Kuffler
Nicole Melchiorre
Susan and Basil Moore
Eve and Leo Pierce
Betsy and Barry Rorer
Susan and Ralph Sabin
David Schuyler
Joshua and Sara Slocum
Linda Yarden and Chris Smith
Anne and John Stratton
Matthew Walsh
Courtney Smith and Stephen Wiesmore
Kim Wilkisson

Dahlia Bagnis
Barbara and William Beach
Bernadette Bohn
Nicole Butler
Donald Caldwell
Jennifer and Wade Canter
Shelley Capito
Shelley and Charles Capito
America's Charities
Jane Clark
Julia Pershan and Jonathan Cohen
Nicole and Jeremy Ecker
Elise Galman Dee Foundation
Jewish Communal Fund
Lisa and Matthew Gillin
Hope and Evan Haiman
Amy and Chris Herbst
Mickey and Judy Langsfeld
Patricia MacKay
Katie Meginnis
Jeff Pinsky
General Electric Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Elizabeth and Christopher Rile
Brian and Elissa Robinson
Nando Rodriguez
Melinda and Mike Sachs
Michael Saraceni
Jennie Stewart
Su Yon and David Sullivan
Stephanie Trotter
Kimberly Tryba and Paul Robinson
Lara and Jamie Vitiello
Dana Corvin and Harris Weinberg
Linda and Allan Weinstein
Rick Wetmore
Lauren and Andrew White
Sandra Zablocki
Joshua and Nicky Zalkind
Doug and Sloan Zarkin

Friend - up to $250
William Adams
NGAM Advisors
Arlene West & Burt Alimansky
Matthew Altman
Glen Ames
Seth and Megan Anapolle
Rusty's of Austin
Christopher and Gwen Bade
Christine Baer
Laura Barket
James and Ann Bates
Gale and Steve Bayer
Kim Bayer
Justin Bayle
Emliy and Eric Bell
Frances Bell
Carol Berliner
Christine Blaine
Christine Bolton
Peggy and Scott Brehman
Bonnie Breit
Cindy Brown
Erin and Sean Buckley
Cielo Buenaventura
Craig and Louise Buscemi
Amina and Chip Canter
Thomas and Heather Carroll
Andrew Caselli
Barbara Cauffman
Maxine Chalker
Evelyn Chan
Fran Charlip
Lindsay Chavez
Barry Clark
Gregory and Debbie Clower
Jerry and Ann Cofta
Carly & Timothy Cohen-Bradshaw
Diana and Matthew Coldren
Cori Cooperider
Marilyn Cortes
Shelley Courington
Rosanne Cowen
Christina Crowell
David and Jennifer Culbertson
Rachel and Doug Cullen
Stacy Cummins
Brad Dancer
Kathleen Davy
Lisa and John DeBella
Paula Dechert
Jeanne and Michael Dechiario
Cathy Deckelbaum
Beth Fishbein & Adam Diamond
Michele DiCarlo
Patrick Dixon
Bernard and Judith Dorfman
Marie and Michael Doyle
David Drossman
Jill and Thomas Durovsik
Alison and Alexander Dyer
Laura Forman and Jason Dymbort
Amy and Joel Eads
Theresa Eckenrode
Doug Eichman
Catherine Engstrom
Steven and Cynthia Epstein
Joy Chaisua
Robert Everitt
Ali and Tom Farrell
Maxine Fechter
Jill and David Feder
Julie and Marc Fein
Denise and Robert Fisher
Daniel Flannery
Jennifer Flint
FBR Capital Markets Charitable Foundation
Nick Fox
John and Judy Frazier, IV
Vivien Hoke and William Freeman
Francine Disla-Freise and Daniel Freise
Heather and Russ Freyman
Tara and David Friedman
Jaclyn Fuchs
Darcy Gagnon
Tiffany Gallo
Anja Garcia
Stacey and Kevin Garrity
Raymond Gehring
Rebecca Geiger
Richard and Linda Geiger
Gina and Matthew Genesio
Michael and Joan Genova
Colleen Gentile
James Gianforti
Adam Giordano
Vicki Glembocki and Thad Henninger
Sean and Katie Gormley
Krista and Antonio Grana
Rachel Greene and Andy Comer
Alix Gregory
Ken Grossman
Jon and Kathy Grover
Scott Groves
Alyssa Guers
Judith and Theodore Gum
Fig Gungor
Laura Gwin
Jamie and Michael Haines
Christine Halandras
Monica Halem
Ashley Hall
Jen and Ben Hatz
Francesca Hauser
Amy Hines & Jami Henry
Kristen Herman
Jeff Hildebrand
Amelia Hollander
Jenna Lewandowski and Matthew Hunsberger
Becky Iery
Amy and Frederick Ingber
Satoshi Ishizaka
Julia and Sidney Jackson
Sidney Jackson
Jackie Jacobs
Jessica Jacobs
Peggy James
Heather Jimenez
Lauren and Joseph Johnson
Shira Johnson
Marsha Kamletz
Wendy Kapnek
Rosemary Karner
Natalie Kavanagh
Roddy and Whitney Kellett
Cornelius Kelly
Kimberly Kimmel
Tracie and Jason King
Jo Ellen and Marvin Kipnes
Colleen and Mark Kirtland
Charity Kittler
Kristine and Matthew Klein
Berton and Sallie Korman
Adam Krantz
Pnina Kuznits
Kim Laudermilch
Arlene Lavitt
Shula and Larry Lazarus
Alex Lee
Sue Lee
David and Connie Lees
Kristin Legere
Anita and Elycia Lerman
Jolie Lerner
Michael and Michaeleen Lewinski
Brandi Listi
Christy and Gary Litka
Mary-Margret Little
Amanda Long
Mildred and Tim Long
Jennifer and Patrick Lowry
Elizabeth Madden
Barbara and Andy Mandell
Allison Manley
Elizabeth Manning
Francois and Liz Marquis
Ginny Matthews
Michele & Mark Mazzatta
Pauline and John McBride
Robert and Patricia McCorkle
Karen Carbone & John McIntyre
Donald McMinn and Harold Lester
George and Stuart Mesires
Annie and Drew Milligan
Douglas and Kristin Monty
Meldie Moore
Becky Nastasi
Eileen Heck Nigro
Francesca O'Cathain
Donna Oliver
Amrita Oomman
Jonathan Oriole
Thomas and Kim O'Rourke
Dana Ostomel
Lauren Oswald
Jennifer and Mark Panetta
Sanil Patel
Peter Peng
Glendora Phipps
Beth and Donald Plumley
Laura Ann and Thomas S. Polischuk
Amy and David Pollack
Joe Poppa
Daniel Porterfield
Elizabeth Presenza
Apple Matching Gifts Program
Wylmam Publishing
Lori Rak
Lisa Rapetti
Christopher and Kathleen Rees
Megan Reynolds
Nancy and Scott Ritch
Helene Roam
Katie and Eugene Roberts
Beth Hutter and Kenneth Roos
David and Hyla Rosenberg
Todd Rothman
Gabin Rubin
Pamela Russell
Thomas and Marcella Russo
Kathryn Ryan
Holly Rylander
George and Kim Savakinas
Susan and Paul Sawyer
Austin and Elizabeth Saypol
Kathleen Schaefer
Lori Schwartz
Amanda Scobie
Amy Seltzer
Rebecca and Matthew Sharnoff
Alya and Phil Sherman
Gretchen and Jeff Shook
Janni and Gary Silber
Debbie and Bob Silverman
Ellen Simpson
Lori Beth & Michael Singer
Pauline Sirkin
Martin A. and Ann Snyder
Pamela Sobczyk
Kathleen A Sokel-Gildden
Steven and Karen Stecker
Liz and Jason Stoller
Lauren Sustersic
Anna Toren
Helena Tummers
Charlotte and John Ventola
Tadas and Colleen Viskanta
Paul Vogel
Debra Wabnik
Tamra Wear
Lisa Webb
Claudia and Guntram Weissenberger
Kim and Peter White
Leslie and Harris Wildstein
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Phone 917.684.5484


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